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“Above all, it is the HOW and the WHAT of your communication to your own team that is a – and often THE – decisive success factor in critical times of change.”


Create change & rethink leadership.

As a communication expert, I consult owners, managing directors, human resources managers, those responsible for personnel development or corporate communication teams of start-ups and SMEs. My expertise lies in the development of effective and authentic communication concepts targeted to specific stakeholder groups: from cultural change and leadership initiatives over digital transformation processes to change management communication.

Different stakeholders should not only be prepared for upcoming changes or transformation journeys – ideally organisations get them enthusiastic about it. I support the top management level in developing and strengthening a clear, transparent, authentic and appreciative communication style. My experience shows, that the participation and presence of the top management plays a central role in all successful change initiatives.

Development of Communication Culture & Change Communication

Development of Communication Culture & Change Communication

  • Ensuring transparency & visibility in culture change initiatives around vision or value processes
  • Developing goal-oriented, motivated and meaningful leadership communication
  • Establishing sustainable strategic change communication & stakeholder management
  • Finding a common language in times of change or reorganisation
  • Promoting digitalisation of internal communication – positioning corporate communications as a driver for innovation
  • Bringing together HR and corporate communications for a well-structured, synergetic and benevolent cooperation

Development of Leadership Culture:

Development of Leadership Culture:

  • Supporting leadership culture initiatives and leadership development programmes in design and programme management
  • Establishing cross-functional management & leadership networks
  • Developing internal leadership models, creating leadership principles
  • Aligning vision, values, leadership principles and existing HR tools meaningfully
  • Optimising feedback and performance management processes
  • Introducing and conducting 360-degree feedback processes with innovative and state-of-the art tools


#Digital first

I offer coaching, workshops & trainings not only in person, but also online. My guiding principle for all my online formats: Think #digitalfirst from conception over implementation to success analysis.


Depending on the topic or focus area, I also moderate workshops & trainings in English. The participants may be located throughout the world as they are connected virtually.


My development programmes are adapted to the needs and circumstances of my clients. They are created in an interactive process that allows flexibility and shared learning.



I am strong alone – even stronger in a network! For extensive workshop, training, coaching or consulting projects, I have been working trustfully with the experts from aergon and connect & develop in Munich and with Falkenberg Seminare in Regensburg for many years.

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