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Business & Leadership Coaching

“Authentic leadership includes, above all, our own vulnerability – the look in the mirror. And that takes courage!”


Discovering new perspectives.

Managers should lead in a meaningful, visionary way to navigate through today’s complexities, then they should coach their people… ideally, with building deep connections and trust, and with a clear leadership communication style. At the same time, managers have to stay up-to-date in regard of content, drive innovation, experiment with new or agile ways of working and follow the latest trends! With such multi-layered demands and roles, the personal daily routine of managers can be quite demanding and overwhelming. In my systemic business coaching sessions I support people managers of all levels and hierarchies who are experiencing challenging change or decision-making situations. You can choose between online coaching or offline coaching, and certainly a combination of both. My primary goals are to strengthen my clients in their leadership role, to expand their leadership skills, to broaden their scope of action and to develop their personal growth. Exploring your own authentic leadership style plays a key role in my coaching approach. This also includes learning about your own vulnerability, which is an important factor for building authentic and successful relationships.

Possible Business Coaching Topics: Online or Offline

(Munich, Ebersberg & Wasserburg area)

Possible Business Coaching Topics: Online or Offline

(Munich, Ebersberg & Wasserburg area)
  • Recognising your own abilities, strengths and resources
  • Creating support guidance for professional reorientation
  • Identifying thought patterns and becoming aware of your beliefs
  • Developing your own authentic leadership style
  • Reflecting and developing communication behaviour as a leader
  • Becoming empowered through positive interventions, learning to deal with uncertainty
  • Understanding role and team conflicts, clarifying them for yourself and developing a courses of action
  • Navigating through complex decision-making processes – with confidence and clarity

Business Coaching for Women: Balancing Family and Career

Business Coaching for Women: Balancing Family and Career

As a mother and woman with top management experience, balancing family and business life, I support female professionals and leaders with an empathetic and sincere coaching approach. We look at your individual needs and wants, addressing your goals in all the different areas of your life. It will be about mastering challenges around family & career while developing a clear view of the future.  
  • Becoming aware of the typical habits & behaviours that hold women back
  • Recognising and overcoming obstacles
  • Clarity and courage for re-entry after maternity leave
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Resolving role conflicts
  • Professional reorientation
  • Identifying and using sources of energy


#Digital first

I offer coaching, workshops & trainings not only in person, but also online. My guiding principle for all my online formats: Think #digitalfirst from conception over implementation to success analysis.


Depending on the topic or focus area, I also moderate workshops & trainings in English. The participants may be located throughout the world as they are connected virtually.


My development programmes are adapted to the needs and circumstances of my clients. They are created in an interactive process that allows flexibility and shared learning.



I am strong alone – even stronger in a network! For extensive workshop, training, coaching or consulting projects, I have been working trustfully with the experts from aergon and connect & develop in Munich and with Falkenberg Seminare in Regensburg for many years.

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