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Coach. Trainer. Consultant.

"My passion is to support teams and leaders in their development and to help companies in creating an appreciative and 'connected' communication culture."

"My passion is to support teams and leaders in their development and to help companies in creating an appreciative and 'connected' communication culture."


People and organizations
through change

As a systemic coach & trainer, I am passionate about guiding people and companies in challenging leadership, change or decision-making situations. In a daily changing and complex working environment in which organisations are almost ejected into a digitalised future, I support in creating clarity, orientation and in developing tangible solutions and strategies for action.

As a communication expert, I also advise decision-makers to establish authentic future-oriented communication and conditions that enable transformation as well as value-oriented cultural change and optimal growth.

MY OFFERS: Face-to-Face & Virtual

In my systemic business coachings I support managers in challenging situations, during a reorientation or in their professional development. With the right questions and impulses along with an appreciative and positive attitude, I accompany my clients in adopting new perspectives, gaining clarity and becoming the active creators of their own future.

Finally, I am happy to offer online or offline coaching sessions – or a combination of both.

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As a communication expert, I consult start-ups and SMEs in the development of effective, trend-setting and authentic (change) communication – from the communicative support of a culture change initiative to digital transformation. At the same time, I assist organisations in sustainably setting up leadership development or cultural programmes, making them successful in a digitalised and innovative way.

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Strategic Consulting

Workshops, Trainings & Facilitation

As a systemic coach & trainer with many years of leadership experience in various industries and companies, I support startups and SMEs in the strength- and resource-oriented development of teams and leaders. Here my main goal is to create change and development in a sustainable manner and to promote a communication culture based on trust and appreciation. Whether in face-to-face workshops or virtual trainings – my formats and programs are tailored to the specific needs of my clients.

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With an appreciative attitude, sensitivity and empathy, visionary power and strong communication skills, I have been supporting people and organizations in various expert, coach, consultant or leadership roles for over 20 years.

Accompanying people, developing teams, shaping leadership culture, change and communication… these have been my ‘passion topics’ for many years. And regardless of whether I am supporting companies in establishing agile working practices or driving digitalization – the most important thing in all change and transformation projects has always been – and still is – people!

Even in my role as a manager, I was enthusiastic about involving people, activating them, empowering them, encouraging them to co-create, and discovering new possibilities together with them. The fact that I can continue to do all this with a lot of passion as a coach, trainer and consultant inspires me every day anew!

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