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Online Coaching

Some personality types reach a certain depth very quickly in an online coaching session. Emotions and feelings of connectedness can also be created in a virtual setting!”


The foundation for virtual coaching.

Although online coaching brings clear added value, many people are still hesitant to get involved in a “digitalised” coaching process. Typical concerns or critical questions include the following:

  • How is a deep exchange supposed to develop over the distance? How can one create trust and closeness?
  • Can virtual coaching be truly effective?
  • And how does a digital coaching session actually work?


However, online coaching is more than just a trend and there are clear advantages. I answer these and many other questions about virtual coaching in my Online Coaching FAQs below.

You can discover more about this topic in my blog article: The effectiveness of online coaching – building relationships virtually.

Online Coaching FAQs

Online coaching is becoming more and more our future. Moreover, it’s a wonderful alternative especially in our pandemic situation, according to the motto: #safetyfirst.

Online coaching can be easily combined with a face-to-face coaching in a classic coaching room or outdoor coaching. Online coaching sessions can be integrated efficiently and flexibly in your daily business life. There is no time spent on travelling, which also means reduced costs for the client (or the company).

Staying in the comforts of your own home during the coaching session is also an advantage for many clients. The protected private space can be favourable for a deeper dialogue between coach and client.

Finally, the overall location flexibility makes it possible to integrate a relaxed coaching setting at anytime and anywhere, regardless of the end platform used. Even during business trips or holidays, we can arrange “coaching on the fly” appointments.

Wie arbeiten wir im Online Coaching - bph - Brigitte Platzer-HuberWe meet with the help of a video conferencing software e.g., Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Whereby, Zoom or Skype. Here I comply with the preferred tools of my clients.

In online coaching I structure the process and collaboration similar to a face-to-face coaching. We sometimes work more visually and together we will collect your key learnings or insights. More about my coaching approach.

This is what fascinates me most as a coach! My experience shows that closeness, connectedness and, above all, feelings and emotions can also arise over distance and in a virtual setting. Every person is different of course, however, I have observed particularly with the younger generation and people with introvert personalities that emotions are more likely to appear in an online coaching setting. The physical distance may even reduce barriers when discussing sensitive, personal topics.

You can read more about this in my blog article:
Online Coaching – Alternative & Future.

It is not “set in stone” whether our coaching process only takes place online or offline. We can decide that flexibly. We speak about “Blended Coaching” when we sometimes meet in person, sometimes online. By the way, that is also a good way to find out which type of coaching you prefer!

The coaching process can begin in person and continue virtually, if desired. For example, we start in a classic coaching room, which I am offering in Ebersberg and Munich (Germany), or outdoors as part of a nature coaching. The latter I often use as a reflection walk around Ebersberg/Munich. Walking together is an excellent way to get to know each other and to reflect on sensitive or critical issues.

As we meet online, we are flexible in terms of time. I am also happy to arrange appointments at off-peak times: before or after your usual working hours or during the weekend. My clients then choose their own personal feel-good place where they can talk undisturbed at a time that suits them best.

Business Coaching Whiteboard - bph - Brigitte Platzer-Huber - EbersbergI use digital whiteboards and other innovative collaboration tools as an alternative to flipcharts. However, tools are used without overwhelming my clients.

Your most important insights will be visualised – including your goal of the coaching process. At the end of each session, my clients receive their own personal “coaching whiteboard” via email.

If you wish, you can also help create your own coaching boards anonymously and without registering.

No. For visualisation purposes we share the screen from time to time, but I make sure that we do that as little as possible. The main thing is that – despite the distance – we can talk “face to face”, maintain eye contact and create as much closeness as possible.

If my clients have access to a second screen, it can be used for the visualisation work on a digital whiteboard, without screenshare, login or registration. You would just click on a link and we can get started!

There is no difference to face-to-face coaching. As in offline coaching, the focus here is on the very personal development of each client. There may be challenging leadership, change or decision-making situation, or a need for discovering areas of improvement and finding solutions to those problems. Read more here.

Leadership Coaching- Ressourcen+Stärken - bph_Brigitte Platzer-Huber EbersbergAfter reflecting on the client’s concern for the coaching process and after we established a clear goal, I will determine the appropriate methods to be used in the online coaching sessions. This also depends on the individual needs.

Virtually we can also work, e.g. on the setup of your “inner teams” or reflect on your “inner drivers”. Additionally, it is possible to include everyday objects, chairs or other tools from your private space in an online coaching setting.

At the end of each session, we agree on next steps, because it’s important for me to secure a sustainable coaching process and the best possible support for you. This also includes staying on track between sessions! I usually make a concrete plan here, suggest a reflection exercise or invite you to experiment with a specific behavioural pattern until the next appointment. Afterwards, we discuss individual experiences and reflect on your findings.

No, definitely not. During our free consultation appointment (by phone or video) we will agree on the best medium, software and channels to use. You will then receive a link by email – after a simple click, we can get started.

We will discuss all your questions in a free consultation appointment – which tools we use and how they will fit with data protection requirements.

It is very easy: we will arrange a free consultation appointment – in person, by phone or online. In 20 to30 minutes, we discuss your questions, agree on a video software tool you feel comfortable with and arrange our first online session. And right after that we can get started!

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