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“At times, leadership requires us to take a step back, giving employees the ability to take ownership and act autonomously. This is the way they will learn & grow, drawing on their full potential.”


Strength-based and appreciative.

For about 12 years, I was an enthusiastic visionary leader, establishing a value-oriented and appreciative work culture, mentoring highly talented future leaders. Always keeping an eye on effective and transparent communication that not only motivates teams, but also inspires and excites them to participate.

Today, I integrate my experience in all workshops & training formats to develop leaders and teams. As a systemic coach I also use a number of proven methodologies as well as basic principles from Positive Psychology in combination with innovative future of work methods.

At the centre of my work, I focus on individual’s strengths, resources and achievements as potential opportunities can be identified and developed with much more ease.

Workshops & Trainings for Teams and Leaders: Online and Offline

Workshops & Trainings for Teams and Leaders: Online and Offline

  • Communicating authentically. Leading with appreciation.
  • From active listening to asking the right questions over leading through coaching.
  • Network-orientation: with peer coaching & peer counselling for leadership teams.
  • Regarding feedback as a gift and opportunity for growth – as a leader, within a team or an entire organisation.
  • Getting to know, understanding and using motivational drivers.
  • Team Model Canvas: creating a common vision and getting aligned.
  • Conflict moderation and conflict coaching: for a constructive handling of conflicts.
  • Positivity Team Board: A “team compass” for positive collaboration during turbulent times.
  • And many more…

Methods & Tools versus Attitude

Methods & Tools versus Attitude

There are countless future of work or agile methodologies which can be used in the development of leaders and their teams. I definitely enjoy using these tools in my face-to-face or online coaching and virtual workshops sessions. Many of these methods make learning much “easier” and the sessions become more innovative and interactive. But one thing is always important to me: Using fancy tools is great, but the hard work starts with self-reflection and the development of  your own mindset.

Network-Orientation is Key

This applies to both, building resilience and future leadership! And this is what I pursue in my workshop & training formats. A value and trust orientation in an organisations communication & feedback culture can only be promoted by a highly networked and sustainable leadership culture.


#Digital first

I offer coaching, workshops & trainings not only in person, but also online. My guiding principle for all my online formats: Think #digitalfirst from conception over implementation to success analysis.


Depending on the topic or focus area, I also moderate workshops & trainings in English. The participants may be located throughout the world as they are connected virtually.


My development programmes are adapted to the needs and circumstances of my clients. They are created in an interactive process that allows flexibility and shared learning.



I am strong alone – even stronger in a network! For extensive workshop, training, coaching or consulting projects, I have been working trustfully with the experts from aergon and connect & develop in Munich and with Falkenberg Seminare in Regensburg for many years.

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