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Virtual team development – using “remote work” Team Canvas

In the past 2 weeks I had the chance to facilitate virtual Team Canvas workshops for several agile teams, using my Team Canvas version which I specifically designed for remote teams.

The virtual team development workshops were a great experience and empowered me in two ways:

  1. It is definitely possible to create a positive team dynamic and workshop atmosphere virtually.
  2. The team building and team development of diverse teams that work together remotely, internationally and therefore multiculturally should be particularly promoted. Having different perspectives, multicultural backgrounds and mindsets fosters creative thinking and problem solving skills.

5 virtual workshops, 40 participants, more than 15+ nationalities…

It was certainly a lot of prep work to develop the best possible user experience for all workshop participants – before, during and after the workshop.

MURAL makes it all possible! I am using the digital whiteboard & collaboration tool for more than a year now as it makes the virtual workshop and visual collaboration experience even better. My participants like using MURAL and they are often surprised and inspired how seamless, efficient and productive digital collaboration can be!

Read more about Team Canvas as an ingenious methodology for team development and as a means to align around a shared purpose and common goals in some of my previous blog articles:

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